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MAN Cargo Range
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MAN Construction Range
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MAN Tipper Range
MAN Vehicles for Public Utilities
MAN Vehicles for Public Utilities

MAN Vehicles for Public Utilities


MAN Water Tenders

MAN is always there at the right time, at the right place and for every need. Firefighting, protecting human lives and the environment, are all part of its mission. The product range extends from fighting major fires, natural disasters and environmental protection such as gas & oil alarms.

Over vehicles are certainly as quick and reliable as the fire brigade itself.


MAN Foam tenders and nursers

MAN Foam Tenders carry flouro protein foam liquid and foam making equipment. These vehicles carry high expansion foam for dealing with fires in restricted access areas, such as basements, ship holds etc.


MAN Refinery/ Industrial Foam Tenders, DCP Tenders

The dry chemical powder (DCP) system can discharge DCP through a hose, using dry nitrogen as the propellant. Each vessel is fitted with a battery of gas cylinders and also has additional cylinders in spare capacity in case of emergencies. These are ideal for use in refineries and highly inflammable application zones.


MAN Rescue Vehicles/ Water Canon/ Riot Control Vehicles

Multi-functional rescue vehicles from MAN are specially equipped to handle all sorts of emergency situations like accidents, floods, earthquakes, riots etc. The vehicles are equipped with Light Masts, Ladders, Cranes, Hydraulic Cutters, Electric Generators and tools to combat emergency situations.


MAN Turntable Ladder/ MAN Aerial Platform Ladders

The MAN Turntable Ladder (TTL) helps gain access to fires at heights, using a telescopic ladder.

Aerial Ladder Platforms (ALP) provide a secure place for a firefighter to operate equipment from, and allow mutliple people, including rescued persons, to be carried to safety.


MAN Garbage Compactors

The growing demand for environmental protection and the quality of the logistics processes in recycling management increase the necessity for innovative solutions for the transport, collection, handling and storage of recyclable materials. To be able to perform these multifaceted tasks efficiently & economically, operators need vehicles which combine innovation with maximum reliability – like those offered by MAN.


MAN Road Sweepers

The worthy workers of the road cleaning department have more than enough to do. After all, thousands of kilometers of roads, by-lanes and squares must all be kept clean. A MAN chassis, with top-class features, which maintains the same driving level whatever the loads, are, is a good way to reduce the wear-and-tear on the brushes.


MAN Sewer cleaners/ Jetting Units

These are user-friendly machines that are tough enough to tackle any job and get it done right. For contractors, municipalities and industrial site use, these machines meet any demanding sewer cleaning requirements.

MAN Chassis are ideally suited for all special bodies – whether high pressure flushers, suction vehicles or vehicles with combined high pressure flushing, jetting and recycling.