Pithampur plant


The Pithampur manufacturing plant in Madhya Pradesh has been producing trucks for the Indian market and for export to countries in Asia and Africa since 2006. Its products range from chassis to tippers for the construction industry and semitrailer tractors for long haul transport.

By acquiring full ownership, MAN Truck & Bus India has now taken sole responsibility for the production and sale of the trucks both within and outside India.

Truck in the Box

As the name suggests, Truck in the Box TIB is the MAN concept for CKD (Completely knocked down) or SKD (Semi knocked down) vehicles – i.e. the disassembly of a vehicle in order to ship it to another site for final assembly.

Aggregate shop

Aggregate ShopThe aggregate shop is the place where various activities related to components like machining, assembly, manufacturing, alignment, painting and testing takes place. Components primarily include engine and axles. There are 27 CNC machines at the machine center ranging from three to seven axles. The aggregate shop also houses an advanced engine testing lab where each and every engine is tested fully for a 32 minutes cycle. All engines are tested for critical parameters including power, emissions and fuel efficiency.

Vehicle assembly

Vehicle AssemblyThe vehicle assembly division has three sections. These include the chassis assembly, the testing section and the trim assembly. The chassis assembly has 14 stations with the marriage of the engine and chassis happening at the eleventh section. Testing includes pre-series, cabin testing and harness testing.

Plant information

Key figures

Production area
37,300 m2



2003 Collaboration between MAN & Force Motors

2006 Joint Venture Formation – MAN FORCE

2006 Plant Inauguration

2006 Delivery of First Batch of MAN Trucks

2007 Truck of the Year Award in India for MAN CLA

2007 1st Export vehicle dispatch to RSA

2010 31.280 8×4 Truck of the Year Award in India for MAN CLA

2012 Take over of JV by MAN Truck & Bus AG , renaming of MFTPL to MAN Trucks India

2016 EVO Range Showcased at BAUMA CONEXPO

2017 Delivery of 25001st Truck to customer